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STM Conference 2021

STM Conference 2021

How has Sea Traffic Management been implemented and how will it change the maritime future? During an efficient afternoon online webinar you will hear STM experts talk and discuss recent developments and future plans, with an extra focus on how information exchange can enable Just-in-Time arrivals, operations and departures.

Agenda June 3rd, 13:30 – 16:00 CEST (Paris, Valencia, Stockholm time)

13:30 Welcome
13:40 Keynote speakers discussing the importance of Just-in-Time
13:55 Recent results – from several projects and initiatives in and outside Europe
14:35 BREAK
14:45 The fundamental building blocks – Standards
15:00 International Panel on information sharing and the way forward. Questions welcome!
15:30 Trends and the future
15:55 Thank you
16:00 Off you go

Free of charge

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Keynote speakers include IMO, EU, and a shipping company.

Recent results will be shared by the EfficientFlow project in the Baltic, the Russian e-Navigation project Hermitage, the global infrastructure consortium Navelink and the SESAME Solution II initiative in Singapore and Norway.

Linda Astner, Port of Gävle, EfficientFlow

Anders Wendel, Navelink

Todd Schuett, Kongsberg, SESAME Solution II

The international panel will include representatives from the International Taskforce Port Call Optimization, the Norwegian Coastal Administration, the Croatian Maritime Administration and the STEAM project from Cyprus.

Ben van Scherpenzeel, International Taskforce Port Call Optimization

Björn Andreasson, Swedish Maritime Administration

Jon Leon Ervik, Norwegian Coastal Administration

Zdravko Seidel, Croatian Maritime Administration

Michalis Michaelidis, Cyprus University of Technology, STEAM

Trends and future will have speakers from IMO, a European JIT-project consortium and a Swedish STM guru,

Astrid Dispert, IMO

José Giménez, Valenciaport Foundation, JIT project consortium

Fredrik Karlsson, Swedish Maritime Administration

If you have any issues you would like us to bring up or any specific question you want to have answered, please send an e-mail to Ulf Siwe at SMA. We will make sure that you will get a perspective or an answer either at the conference or directly to you.

Your hosts

Katarina Norén, Director General, SMA (photo Niclas Fasth)

Magnus Sundström, Head of Research and Innovation, SMA

Emelie Persson Tingström, SMA

Ulf Siwe, Swedish Maritime Administration (SMA)

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