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STM Validation Project

STM Validation Project

STM Validation – seeing is believing

The STM Validation Project will demonstrate the STM concept in large-scale test beds in both the Nordic and Mediterranean Seas. The key strategic enablers of STM will be tested and validated. The STM Validation Project has a total budget of approximately 43 million euro and runs from 2015-2019 (project extension from December 2018 to June 2019).The project encompasses:

  • 300 ships
  • 13 ports
  • 5 shore based service centres
  • 13 connected simulator centers in the European Maritime Simulator Network – EMSN

Participating ports, shore centers and simulator centers are displayed on the map above.

STM validation project 300 ships

STM Validation project


The project can be divided into five sub-activities.


Port collaborative decision making

Port CDM test bed

Viktoria Swedish ICT

Activity 1: Port Collaborative Decision Making

Port Collaborative Decision Making (Port CDM) services will increase the efficiency of port calls for all stakeholders through improved information …

Sea Traffic Management voyage management

Voyage Management Test beds

Swedish Maritime Administration

Activity 2: Voyage Management

Voyage Management services will provide support to individual ships in both the planning process and during a voyage, including route …


Maritime Simulator Network Test bed

Chalmers University of Technology

Activity 3: Maritime Simulator Network

Validation of Flow Management utilises the European Maritime Simulator Network (EMSN) and the test beds for Voyage Management. MONALISA 2.0 has …


Maritime Service Infrastructure


Activity 4: Maritime Service Infrastructure

Standardised information exchange is the heart of STM. Validation of common Maritime Service Infrastructure using System Wide Information Management (SeaSWIM) will …


Analysis & Evaluation

Valencia Port Foundation

Activity 5: Analysis & Evaluation

Analysis and Evaluation will cover many aspects of the future changes: business, socio-economic, risk, technological, legal and institutional. Competencies and …


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