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Results Port Flow Optimisation

Results Port Flow Optimisation

Presentation of results and outputs from Work Package 1

In the INTERREG Central Baltic funded project EfficientFlow Port of Gävle and Port of Rauma developed an information sharing application, Port Activity App.

Port Activity App

Download Port Activity Rauma for Android here or for iOS here.

Port Activity Gävle can be downloaded for Android here and for iOS here.

The application is made as open source, see documentation:


Port Activity App procurement material – Requirement specification and all annexes used in the public procurement

All Deliverables – Documented zero/desired mode, business model/logic, local governance, SAD, report on intermodal sharing of information, testbed description, indicators and collected package of data.

EfficientFlow Project T1 Final Report – Results from Work Package T1 EfficientFlow Project

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