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picabay.som RTF Intermodal transport

Use cases

By using use-cases on different demo lines the Real Time Ferries Project will show that real time information at all time can be an effective tool to optimise intermodal transport chains that include ferry trips

The project can assist both trip planning and execution by giving information on

  • timeliness
  • delays
  • disruptions
  • cancellations
  • prognoses of travel times (> ETA and ETD)


There are 13 different use-cases covered by the project

  1. Flexible check-in & boarding time handling for arriving trucks: New truck driver mobile phone app : (Stena Line), ATuin, Port of Liepaja, Latvia Coast Guard
  2. Just-in-time pick up of unaccompanied trailers in the port area: New multilingual app for truck drivers : (Stena Line), Port of Trelleborg
  3. Optimizing processes of large forwarding companies related to ferry passages: Connector/ integration into DB Schenker disposition software and/ or new app : (Stena Line), DB Schenker
  4. Real time based Port CDM for optimised ferry handling: Connector/ integration into existing PortCDM : (Stena Line), RISE, SMA
  5. Up-to-date foot pax and/ or car pax travel time prognosis via travel planners & ticketing apps of “3rd party providers”, Google, GoEuro, TomTom etc.: (Saarte Liinid) ERA
  6. Automized two way communication with feeding buses for cruise ferries : (Viking Lines)
  7. Convenient & safe on-time arrival by car to the ferry departure: Connector/ integration into traffic boards along roads and to e.g. Waze/ Google Traffic apps : (Saarte Liinid) ERA
  8. Up-to-date status info for long-distance bus drivers & pax: Connector / integration into existing bus traffic info systems & multimodal travel planners : IC BUS??!! / Smyltines Perkela
  9. Fully automatized internal processing of push notifications of ticket purchasers via the ferry booking software & apps: Connector & upgrade of existing ferry line online booking system & app : (Viking Line and Stena Line lines)
  10. Transfer facilitation for cross-border foot commuters & business travellers: Connector/ integration into existing journey planners, info screens at change points & on board of ferries : (ForSea Ferries), Skanetrafiken, DSB / (Viking Line) HSL, ERA
  11. On-board information for foot pax & car pax on connecting public transport options & road traffic situation: Connector / integration into existing screens on board of ships/ new Screens : (Stena Line, Viking Line)
  12. Provision of ferry real-time information in small ferry harbours : (Saarte Liind)
  13. Provision of parking facilities for waiting trucks and cars in designated parking areas outside port facilities /city centre in relation to real time ferry arrival and departure Nida – Klaipeda

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