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About STM BALT SAFE[R] Project

About STM BALT SAFE[R] Project

Working across the region

In order to increase the safety in the Baltic Sea Region, cooperation between all countries in the region is crucial. The Swedish Institute (SI) has a programme to finance 3rd country participation in EU projects. For the STM BALT SAFE EU-project focusing on safety of tanker traffic it is important work together with Russian actors, The STM BALT SAFE[R] project financed by SI finances Russian participation in physical meetings of the EU-project.

Short facts

  • Full Project name: STM BALT SAFE – Russian collaboration
  • Acronym name: STM BALT SAFE[R]
  • Lead partner: Swedish Maritime Administration
  • Partnership: Sweden, Russia (Kronstadt Technologies, Rosmorport)
  • Total budget: 591 000 SEK
  • Financing: Swedish Institute
  • Time frame: Aug 2019 – Dec 2021

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