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Objectives and results

STM Balt Safe goals objectives

Objectives and results

Project objectives

• To improve the safety of navigation of the tanker shipping segment through STM
• To improve maritime safety, efficiency and environmental performance by providing added value services
• To provide ships and VTS centres with improved situational awareness
• To develop and test new digital VTS services improving speed and accuracy of ship-shore information exchange
• Offer the existing STM fleet, ships from RTF and EfficientFlow as well as other STM compliant ships an STM environment to operate in


Results that will come from of the project

• Increase the institutional capacity in VTS centres and onboard
• Develop a concrete use case for large-scale testing of STM on tanker shipping in the Baltic Sea
• Develop the digital Maritime Infrastructure
• Increase maritime traffic monitoring from VTS centres
• Build prototypes for various automated reporting
• Reduce administrative burden
• Test the new STM clause in BIMCO standard contracts
• Develop operational, commercially viable and sustainable services

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