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Ships and ports

Ships and ports

Published: August 28, 2018

Ships calling Gothenburg can collaborate to get information about availability in port.

Last week two ships approaching Gothenburg shared their voyage plan including shedual with the PortCDM in Gothenburg.

PortCDM (Port Collabrative desision making) is a way of letting all actors in port have the same information at the same time. PortCDM is developed within the STM project and offers the two services Port call syncronisation and Port call optimisation.

As a ship is calling for Gothenburg they share the Voyage plan with shedual. Their ETA will be extracted and used in the PortCDM. This is the first part of Port Call syncronisation. Letting the port know when to expect the ship.

Port call optimisation happens between port actors. As all actors can see the time send by the ship, they all suggest their fist available time to serve the ship and when all agreed a time is set.

This time is sent to the ship as a recomended time of arrival and with that the port call syncornisation is complete.