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Analysis & Evaluation Plan

Analysis & Evaluation Plan

The present section is created with the aim of describing the actions for the analysis and evaluation of the effects of Sea Traffic Management in the framework of the European maritime industry for the boost of STM Validation.

The baseline for this purpose was defined in the Milestone 21 Report: STM Information Environment, where the hypotheses model and expected benefits were presented for further validation according to the STM services developed in the project.

The process of connecting the research phase with the validation phase has been the main aim of the hypotheses model definition process The proposal is to base the initial questions from empirical concerns and then to find the right tools to explore such questions. These definitions can help to make the link between the desired achievement, the questions proposed and the methods used, see figure 1.

This way, the data sources were identified through 3 units: the ship, the port and the shore centre. Additionally, the units included in the test bed have been defined and presented under information sheets

Throughout the duration time of the live test beds, when the units will be in the active experimental phase, it is expected that the data generated by these actions will be registered in a database for further analysis. Furthermore, there is a particular test bed which will take place in a simulated environment, provided by the set-up of the European Maritime Simulation Network, which data registered will also be valuable for analysis and evaluation. Moreover, some controlled experiments as the human factor tests that will take place during the simulation runs, will as well, provide more information about the effects of STM in users.

All in all, the validation plan will be split up in three sections:

  1. 1. Case studies Analysis,
  2. 2. EMSN Simulations Analysis,
  3. 3. STM Overall Evaluation.