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EMSN Simulations

STM Test Beds

EMSN Simulations

The European Maritime Simulator Network (EMSN) concept definition was established during Monalisa 2.0. Integrating a large number of simulation centres into a common virtual platform gives rise to a large number of ship bridges that can interact and can result in realistic scenarios where some behaviours can be observed.

In addition to its functionalities, in STM Validation project, the EMSN will be used to test the systems developed by the manufacturers and to test the aspects that are difficult to test in real life, like human factors and ship bridges behaviours. Thus, EMSN can be an instrument to evaluate the verification of various hypotheses and to provide numerical data that feeds the safety analysis to support the Formal Safety Assessment (FSA) within the project.

For these purposes, four scenarios are being designed and adjusted during the project: the two general traffic scenarios that will be located in the Baltic Sea and in the English Channel, a Search and Rescue scenario (SAR) that will be located in the Gibraltar Straight and a Winter Navigation Scenario in the Gulf of Bothnia. The reader can discover the specifications of the mentioned scenarios by clicking on the blue highlight areas S1, S2, S3 and S4: