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COMPIT 2014: Downton Abbey goes STM?

COMPIT 2014: Downton Abbey goes STM?

Published: May 15, 2014

The COMPIT conference is an annual conference presenting papers on technology within the maritime industry. This year the venue was the beautiful Redworth Hall on the outskirts of Darlington in North-eastern England, where George Stephenson built the first commercial railroad, locomotives and trains in 1825.

Downton Abbey/Redworth Hall

Downton Abbey/Redworth Hall

The first two days focused on ship design and introduced some new concepts on virtual reality and robotics. The third day focused on innovation. Unmanned ship was the subject of one session and the human factor is ironically a key success factor as new shore based control centres are envisioned.

The presentation of the vision and the already achieved results within the area Sea Traffic Management raised the spirits on the afternoon of the third day. The questions afterwards were many and varied and these engineers would probably have discussed Sea Traffic Management still today if it had not been for the next presenter time slot.

The COMPIT paper on STM

COMPIT keeping cool

The fireplace was not needed in sunny May

The conference organiser invited Sea Traffic Management and MONALISA 2.0 to hold a full session next year.

More info on the COMPIT conference.

The complete book on the published papers at COMPIT 2014 in Redworth / UK

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