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WE are RTF – Anna Cernova-Bickova, Project Manager at A’Tuin

Anna Cernova-Bickova, at the RTF partner A’Tuin, wants to bring information from different sources and put them to use among hands-on logistics people like truck drivers. As a project manager at A’Tuin, she has experience of providing reliable logistics and port expertise services to commercial and governmental sectors in Latvia as well as on the global scale. Learn about how the Real Time Ferries idea will change the everyday of truck drivers and how administration can move from paper to apps. Meet Anna in “WE are RTF”

Published: October 03, 2019

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WE are RTF – Johan Östling, Senior Project Manager at RISE

Johan Östling, at the RTF partner RISE Viktoria wants to make ferries visible to the public by including them on Google maps and other local, national and global travel planners. As a senior Project manager at RISE he brings along extensive experience from other information sharing projects such as the Sea Traffic Management Validation Project. Learn about how the Real Time Ferries idea will overcome the project duration and why placing a hackathon onboard a ferry can be a great and innovative move in spite of the technical challenges of being on a moving ship. Meet Johan in “WE are RTF”

Published: May 08, 2019

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