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Instant updates with “SNAPP”


Instant updates with “SNAPP”

Published: September 23, 2016

Now linesmen and other port actors will be able to send information instantly to PortCDM directly from their mobile phones or tablets. The APP, designed and developed by Valenciaport Foundation, has been released to assist mooring companies in PortCDM. It will soon be modified and adapted to include other port operators such as tugs, pilots, security, agents and even icebreaking services.

Every port is made up of a wide range of different actors all working and coordinating to serve every port call, helping relay information regarding the status of those actors is essential to improving efficiency. Many operators use their own tools and systems however these systems vary from port to port and few are sending and receiving live data to one another. SeaNAPP allows all port operators to share data about different ships’ states in real time through PortCDM, making port calls more efficient. SeaNAPP is a generic application that will be capable of adapting to the ports specific needs and suitable for all port operators. The application is integrated directly with PortCDM and capable of being modified to connect third party systems.

SeaNAPP will soon be available for iOS and Android for tablets and mobile devices via App Store and Google Play. As the project proceeds additional services will be available within the app but it has already been launched and tested in Valencia and Stavanger with an aim to be used in Barcelona and Gothenburg by the end of the year. Apart from providing port operators a means to report live data about ships’ different states in real time, it is capable of reducing double reporting in different system using its features regular reporting by e-mail and xml integration.

The SeaNAPP solution assisted in the release of PortCDM in Stavanger and was provided for the mooring staff, security, agents and pontoon/fender providers. Using SeaNAPP these actors were able to communicate real-time operational information to a single system for the first time ever.

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