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International interest for STM continues to grow – IMO presentation

International interest for STM continues to grow – IMO presentation

Published: February 22, 2018

The progress of STM and its alignment with IMO e-Navigation strategy was the focus when the STM project presented to the delegates of the IMO sub-committee NCSR February 21st. The warm reception indicates the ever-improving attitude to the STM ideas. And the message to the audience was clear: Get involved!

The ever-growing interest in STM comes in many varieties. At the e-Navigation Underway International conference, STM was one of the testbeds that was given the most presentation time. Several other international projects and initiatives are making their solutions “STM-compatible”. And on February the 21st, STM was invited to share the STM progress to the 5th session of the IMO Sub-Committee on Navigation, Communications and Search and Rescue (NCSR).

“As the probably largest e-Navigation project in the world, the interest was high as expected, “says presenter Ulf Siwe, Communications Officer of the STM Validation project. The presentation took place in the main hall attracting a large audience. The progress of STM was in focus as well as the alignment of STM with IMO Strategic Implementation Plan and the Maritime Services.

The delegates were curious and asked many questions, during the presentation and afterwards. STM project member Fredrik Karlsson was also present to help answering the questions:
– Could you send the presentation? Yes! – Will this affect COLREGs? No! – What services can a bulker with STM on-board use? They can us all STM-enabled services in operations that they would like, e.g. enhanced monitoring in Danish waters, winter navigation in the Baltic, weather optimization, and better synchronized arrival information from the 13 ports in the project plus Port of Rotterdam, a new cooperation!

Jon Leon Ervik, Norwegian Coastal Administration and IMO-delegate to NCSR5, says “STM is an important contributor to the realization of several e-navigation services and solutions. The standards that STM have developed, and are continuing to drive, make the infrastructure for information exchange interoperable. The cooperation between the STM consortium and Norwegian initiatives, like Norway’s Single Window ship reporting system and Sesame 2, enable digital services to be developed faster while making them more coherent. Projects and testbeds like these connect the industry, R&D, users and authorities in the necessary process, taking e-navigation from theory to practical solutions.”

The final message to the IMO delegates was crystal clear. “Get involved” and help the STM solutions become even better.

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