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LNG training – a safety measure that will save lives

LNG training – a safety measure that will save lives

Published: January 30, 2015

MONALISA 2.0-developed training presented at the LNG Bunkering Summit

The 3rd LNG Bunkering Summit was held in Amsterdam 26-28 January 2105. LNG pioneers from ports, ship operators and many more gathered to discuss the obstacles facing both the shipping and port communities, explored developments in conversion and new builds along with the physical bunkering infrastructure required to power LNG fuelled ships.

Pepe at LNG BunkeringJosé Manuel Diaz Pérez presenting MONALISA 2.0 Jaime at LNG BunkeringJaime Bleye presenting LNG training

The Safety focus of MONALISA 2.0 was presented by Mr. José Manuel Diaz Pérez, Training Manager at the Centre Jovellanos. LNG will affect the safety in ports and coastal waters and the project is looking at updating risk assessment guidelines as well as developing new training programs.

Mr. Jaime Bleye, Fire-Fighting Training Instructor, Centro Jovellanos, explained the new LNG training courses in more detail. There are very few facilities in Europe that can deliver real-life training conditions. With the greater risks of LNG, the knowledge and expertise of preventing and fighting incidents are crucial.

Sofia Papantoniadu, INEA Project Manager, delivered a talk on European projects in the same session, which tied in nicely with MONALISA 2.0.

The MONALISA 2.0 brochures were in great demand and lead to many interesting discussions.
LNG Bunkering Summit

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