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MONALISA 2.0 awakes big interest at Melaha 2014 in Alexandria, Egypt

MONALISA 2.0 awakes big interest at Melaha 2014 in Alexandria, Egypt

Published: September 03, 2014

The Arab Institute of Navigation (AIN) organised the MELAHA Annual Conference with the theme Resilience Navigation, held in Alexandria in the beginning of September.

The conference was attended by about 25 speakers to provide an update on satellite-based navigation systems and integrated navigation systems.The other presentations were very technical, with lots of text, diagrams and formulas showed.

Because of the highly technical profile of the participants and their focus on satellite navigation, Germán Erostarbe, the MONALISA presenter from Centro Jovellanos, Salvamento Marítimo, had a feeling that Sea Traffic Management would be received with a rather cold reception.
In contrast, during the presentation the audience was very interested. At the end of the talk, during questions time, there were lively conversations with different participants, specialists both in the field of air or maritime transport.

Melaha2014-Alexandria -speakers3

The speakers at Melaha 2014

The interest of the audience focused on applying the lessons of experience in air transport, for example in the use of slots concept in port management. The participants showed their confidence that a system like the STM is necessary in shipping as it would result in improvements in logistics and in response to accidents.

In conclusion, the participation of the MONALISA 2.0 project in the Melaha 2014 conference can be considered highly satisfactory and has proved once again that the project awakes big interest in the shipping industry.


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