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Sea Traffic Management – one step closer to reality

STM Integration Workshop

Sea Traffic Management – one step closer to reality

Published: March 22, 2017

All challenges resolved...

… not really - but during the Integration Workshop and Developer Forum, organized in Oslo in early March, we got closer to realising the vision of Sea Traffic Management.

The initial application services by commercial partners and STM services exchanged data using the Maritime Service Infrastructure. Sending data such as text messages, port call messages or the sharing of voyage plans was tested and included commercial service providers as well as ECDIS manufacturers. This is a first step towards a secure virtual marketplace of all-encompassing services that you can access from ship or shore. And a major step towards the interoperability of a maritime services landscape.

During the Integration Workshop, hands-on integration testing was performed to reach a previously defined state of interoperability. Together, the developers also actively discussed findings and questions around registration and certificates, payload schemas, security aspects, how to find services or publish voyage plans and other test cases.

Ahead of us lies further intensive integration testing – involving all partners as well as the STM activities Voyage Management, PortCDM and Maritime Service Infrastructure with EfficienSea2 partners. Together, we are aiming for the next major milestone: Voyage Management test bed goes live! This will encompass 300 ships, 13 seaports and 5 shore centres, located in the Nordic area and the Mediterranean Sea, for demonstration and validation of the STM concept.

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