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STM/EfficientFlow making progress – contracts awarded

STM/EfficientFlow making progress – contracts awarded

Published: September 24, 2019

Adveto, SeaIQ, Wärtsilä Voyage and Unikie have been awarded contracts for different solutions in the EfficientFlow project. Adveto for ferries and other ships, SeaIQ and Wärtsilä Voyage for solution for pilots, and Unikie for a solution for the ports of Gävle and Rauma.

When STM is implemented for operational use, a lot of the functions are procured from commercial actors. Signing the contracts is an important step forward for the implementation of the desired functions in the project, and also for the continuation of operations after the project.
Adveto will update existing navigation systems on board ferries between Finland and Sweden, enabling the ferries to better calculate meeting points with other ships. SeaIQ will provide the Swedish pilots, and Wärtsilä Voyage the Finnish pilots, with the same capability. Pilots assists ships that are not frequently sailing in the narrow fairways in the archipelagos. The improved management of meeting points will result in lower fuel consumption and further increase safety.
Unikie will implement functions in the ports of Gävle and Rauma that will help the ports to have a more efficient flow of work. A key part of this is to have more exact information of the ships’ arrival and departure times, and inform arriving ships when the quay is available. The ships will save fuel, and the port actors will have better information to base their part of the cargo operations. Some of the frequent visiting ships to the port will install functions in their navigation systems to enhance the cooperation between ship and port. This update have been awarded to Adveto.

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