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STM Validation – finalist for EPSA 2017

STM Validation – finalist for EPSA 2017

Published: October 03, 2017

147 projects applied; 34 were deemed Best Practice. The STM Validation project is one of 12 nominated for the European Public Sector Award 2017 (EPSA), one of only four in the European and national category.

The theme of the 2017 EPSA award is “An Innovative Public Sector in 2017 – New Solutions to Complex Challenges”. STM Validation is a good match as 38 beneficiaries, backed by 50% EU-funding, in 13 countries and 25 associate partners across the World, take on a global challenge to improve information sharing in the maritime transport chain. A public authority is heading the development of the Sea Traffic Management (STM) concept. The project setup – which is based on commercial partners creating new and improved services using an open standardised infrastructure – is set to change the maritime world.

Magnus Sundström (Project Manager, Swedish Maritime Administration) says: “The model – in which public authorities are the innovation driver for commercial solutions – is unique and very beneficial, since the long-term benefits and ideas cannot be jeopardised by quarterly profit goals.”

Frank Coles (CEO, Transas) adds: “Permitting industry partners to drive the standards development, ensures that the standards are adopted faster. The long-term vision and endurance of the public partners combined with the focus on commercial value for us and especially our customers, makes STM a concept that transcends other initiatives.”

Brian Simpson (Motorways of the Seas-coordinator, EU) concludes: “STM is in line with the foremost EU priorities for the maritime sector, namely, increased safety at sea and improved efficiency that will lead to higher goods volumes transported across an environmentally friendlier sea.”

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