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STM Validation finishes – Sea Traffic Management continues

STM Validation finishes – Sea Traffic Management continues

Published: July 10, 2019

As the STM Validation Project finished June 30, the Sea Traffic Management, STM, initiative continues with many aspects. There are four ongoing implementation projects and more on the drawing board. There is continued work on global standardisation on data and communication formats securing interoperability. The industry is taking over the operations of the maritime digital infrastructure. And of course, we have the results of the Validation Project.

The STM Validation Project has involved more than 300 ships, 87 organisations in 9 ports, 6 shore centres, 12 simulator centres assisted by more than 500 mariners,  38 partners from 13 countries joined by 37 associate partners from around the world. We have presented at more than 200 conferences and there have been well over 500 articles in the trade press.

The results of the STM Validation Project are summarized in the 100-page long Final Report. For those who believe that a summary should be shorter, we have an 8-page brochure. For those who think that the summary does not cover the details, all of the 27 promised deliverables, plus 16 more that could be of interest, are avaible on our website.

Here you will also find more information on the implementation projects.

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