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The STM Master Plan – Finding the route to future shipping

The STM Master Plan – Finding the route to future shipping

Published: November 23, 2015

The MONALISA2.0 project has delivered an exciting vision and a well-defined concept over how shipping can be turned in to a more efficient, safe and environmentally friendly transport mode through Sea Traffic Management (STM). Now we also have a well-defined route description how to get there - The STM Master Plan.


On November 10 the STM Master Plan was officially launched through the publication of the web-based STM e-Master Plan ( This web-based interactive platform contains all the steps identified to realise the different improvements that STM is set out to create.

The Master Plan creates an overview over the essential improvement steps that the industry will experience, and also more detailed information on what is needed to achieve these as well as what stakeholder groups are expected to participate in the development of those enablers.

Regardless if the visitor on the website is interested in a certain operational area, in what time period a certain improvement will be possible or in which activities in this transition a certain stakeholder is expected to participate, there will be a way to find the details, since the e-Master Plan contains several views over how STM evolves over time.

“It´s important not to see the STM-Master Plan as a static document from a newly finished project, but rather as an evolving, dynamic window into a transition process” says Björn Andreasson, Swedish Maritime Administration, and adds “The e-Master Plan will be maintained, and evolve over the coming years as a part of the STM Validation project, and eventually be adopted by the industry.”

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