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Young Norwegian bridge officers want to change route

Young Norwegian bridge officers want to change route

Published: February 14, 2015

Young Norwegian bridge officers want to change route

When Ulf Svedberg presented MONALISA 2.0 and Route Exchange at a Youth Conference organised by the Norwegian Bridge Officer’s Association (Norsk Sjøoffisersforbund), 50 junior officers listened and the ideas were well appreciated. To use digital information to increase situational awareness is no-brainer according to this audience. The new generation supports digital initiatives that assist the navigator better. It will increase the safety and help to avoid incidents and accidents. In the discussions they pointed out intuitive and innovative interfaces as a key to success. Sometimes it is better to change the route of development instead of extending the old.


Captain Svedberg also made a second appearance at the conference discussing the underlying causes of the Costa Concordia accident. This subject always gets a lot of attention, as most people already have an opinion. The broader view presented made the audience reflect and think about their own future role and responsibility.

BusekrudVestoldCampus Bakkenteigen photo: wikipedia

“Being invited to speak at a University in an ‘arch-rival’ country is always a great honour, and I am so happy that the new generations of seafarers are so open-minded”, says Ulf Svedberg.

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