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Bringing STM into VTS

Bringing STM into VTS

Published: May 24, 2021

Turning new functions based on route exchange between ship and shore into VTS know-how is assisted by new guidelines for "best practice". We call them STM VTS Standard Operational Procedures (SOP) which complement the existing VTS SOP in situations where the new STM-based information can be used.

VTS is here to enhance Efficiency, Safety and Environmental Protection in conjunction with maritime transportation. The better, the swifter, the sharper the VTS is, the better for society. STM with its bearing beam of higher situation awareness through information sharing between all stakeholders in the maritime domain is likely to be the most effective enhancer of VTS for several decades.

But just because a tool is excellent it does not mean that you can just throw it in to a workshop and expect the staff make best use of it, there must be some understanding of what the tool is good for and how to use it. To provide this guidance we have written the STM VTS SOPs to set examples of what we think is “best practice” when utilizing STM in a VTS context. This “best practice” will be tested and evaluated as realistic as possible in simulator runs. STM will also be tested in a live testbed during the fall of 2021. Then we will see if STM in VTS lives up to our great expectations! The next step will be to bring STM VTS SOPs to IALA to try to get as harmonized and effective processes worldwide as possible. And of course, to see more and more of STM installed VTSes and Vessels!

If you are interested in getting a picture of how STM VTS SOP will contribute to Efficiency, Safety and Environmental protection, just follow the link.

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