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Brokers and ship agents show keen interest for Sea Traffic Management

Brokers and ship agents show keen interest for Sea Traffic Management

Published: October 17, 2014

FONASBA is the worldwide organization for ship brokers and agents. Around seventy were present at the annual meeting in Gothenburg, Sweden for a week in October, for closed sessions and open presentations. MONALISA 2.0 was asked to come and present Sea Traffic Management (STM).

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Being part of the session “Panel on the future” focus was put on the Port Collaborative Decision Making of the STM concept. Interest was high, the agents and brokers know that this is coming sooner or later. They know it will affect thier work and realise that it is not beneficial to fight it, it is better to adapt. However, they would like the project to develop a good business case for their business.

Some were sceptics who believe that just-in-time arrivals at ports wil never work. During the discussions we enrolled the most sceptical one in our Operational Advisory Group. We need to answer the tough questions in order to have a concept that will be accepted by the full industry.

We also learned that some large shipping lines have implemented a company unique “STM”. They believe that a general STM may reduce their competitive advantage. On the other hand they understand the benefits, and will also be able to perform even better with general STM in place.

The audience was eager to know when STM is a reality. Our vision states that it is implemented world wide in 2030. The younger brokers and agents better start making plans to accommodate it, the audience concluded.

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