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Carnival Maritime: STM – a powerful tool for safety

Carnival Maritime: STM – a powerful tool for safety

Published: October 09, 2018

Carnival is the largest cruise company in the world. Safety is the highest priority for Carnival. In three Fleet Operation Centres (FOC) all ships are supported 24/7. Through satellite connections the ships send updates every few seconds, so the information is near real-time. A cloud-based platform, Neptune, has been created for the FOC and the ships. When you see how it operates, it is rather a whole ecosystem than a platform.

“All information to and from the ships runs through Neptune. That way Carnival need to develop and maintain functions and interfaces only once, which saves cost and improves quality at the same time” says Paolo Puppo, Marine Systems Director – Carnival Maritime IT.

Carnival joined the Sea Traffic Management (STM) initiative in 2013, pushing common standards, interfaces and infrastructure since.

Paolo explains: “We can see that sharing routes with Shore Centres, for example local and national Vessel Traffic Services (VTS), across the world is fundamental for increased safety. And we would like to see all our cruise colleagues share their routes as well. In fact, we would like all commercial ships to share their routes. Safety is not a competitive advantage; it is a common interest. “

The Carnival FOC in Hamburg has received many visits since it opened in 2015. It is solely focusing on safety so even competitors see everything without restrictions.

“I believe that all ships in the future will be connected online and be supported by FOCs. “ ends Paolo.

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