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SAR Simulations in the EMSN October 23-26

European Maritime Simulator Network

SAR Simulations in the EMSN October 23-26

Published: September 26, 2018

Introducing Sea Traffic Management services in search and rescue (SAR) operations will greatly improve Maritime Rescue Coordination Center’s (MRCC) overview and provides the possibility to direct and monitor SAR-units in search and rescue operations. Now STM recruits mariners to participate in SAR scenarios in the European Maritime Simulator network (EMSN) October 23-26. Learn more and apply.

By receiving S-124 Areas depicting the search area and having suggested routes and/or search patterns displayed on the ECDIS on board, ships will be able to perform far more efficiently in situations where time is critical. The addition of the Chat service to the available communication channels is expected to improve the exchange of safety critical information and reduce the number of misunderstandings.


Up to 30 ships with manned bridges are expected to participate in SAR scenarios in the Strait of Gibraltar, including a simulated Tarifa MRCC. The area is not only known for its dense traffic but unfortunately also for its daily intense SAR activities. Different scenarios with and without STM services are planned to evaluate the effect of several STM SAR services on the safety and efficiency of the operation.

Qualifications for test persons

We particularly welcome test participants from organizations and authorities involved in SAR such as the Coast Guard, Maritime Administration and Sea Rescue Societies.

The simulator bridges are to be manned by two deck officers forming a navigator/co-navigator team. One of the officers is required to have experience in a senior position on board and preferably have a Master Mariner CoC. The other officer may be a junior officer with a 3rd Mate’s license, or a senior student of the Master Mariner program, or any person with professional or semi-professional experience of SAR operations on-board a SAR unit. Language prerequisite is English as several nationalities are a part of the EMSN.


Register for the October simulations here:

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