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Launching new port app in Port of Rauma

Launching new port app in Port of Rauma

Published: August 10, 2020

Sixtyfour users are currently sharing and getting real-time time tables for port calls. Users are representing the many aspects of the port call: terminals, tugs, pilots, agents, port authority, mooring personnel, captains and even the local shipbuilding company.

After internal testing with partners Port of Rauma (PoR), Port of Gävle (PoG), Swedish Maritime Administration (SMA) and Satakunta University of Applied Sciences (SAMK), PoR and SAMK invited key stakeholders from Port of Rauma for testing, commenting and for further development of this new app.

Euroports, as an agent, Finnpilot as a pilotage organisation, Alfons Hakans, as a tug company and of course mooring services from port of Rauma. These are part of the stakeholders which sat down already in 2018 to evaluate needs and possibilities. Due to covid-19 meetings were arranged online using SAMK webexhill-system. Weekly online meetings ended with notification testing. This possible feature came out during these online meetings and was finally tested with this main stakeholder group in June. Normally phone calls are the main information sharing tool but if the last contact cannot adhere to the suggested time the whole round of phone calls must take place again. One example is if there are one inbound vessel and two departing vessels at 18:00. The limited number of tugs available makes the first received order served first, and the time table for the other two is adjusted. All “pinned” partners can see the time table for all three vessels without a single phone call. Development work continues still to show suitability to all partners more easily as now you need to read notification list.

Besides the above mentioned stakeholders few ships, especially, captains having a pilot exemption to Rauma have downloaded this app so they can follow the traffic situation when planning departure at the berth before manning the bridge. Also local shipbuilding company called Rauma Marine Construction (RMC) downloaded PoR app to follow their ship blocks arrivals. In July there are 64 registered users and when “official” launching will take place in late August there will be new users from local agents, terminal operators etc.

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