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Saab contracted to update Estonian VTS

Saab contracted to update Estonian VTS

Published: June 26, 2020

Saab TransponderTech will update the current Estonian VTS-installation with STM, making it able to exchange digital information with ships and providing VTS operators with new decision support tools.

Sea Traffic Management (STM) updates the maritime world in real time with an efficient data exchange between ships and shore-based Vessel Traffic (VTS) services. STM offers tomorrow´s digital infrastructure for shipping and creates a new paradigm for maritime information sharing. Some examples of the information being exchanged digitally are the planned route of the ship, route recommendations, areas to avoid, all complemented by text if needed.

Are Piel, Head of VTM Department at the Estonian Maritime Administration

“This is the biggest step forward for VTS since the introduction of AIS” says Are Piel. He continues, “VTS operators and ship officers will start sharing a common situational picture, and the advice from shore can be based on more and better information.”

Roger Johansson, Sales Director at Saab TransponderTech

Roger Johansson adds, “Saab has always been at the forefront of technology. To use new global information standards to bring benefits to our customers and the shipping industry helps increasing the safety and reducing the environmental footprint.”

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