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Pilots pilot new meeting point optimization tool

Pilots pilot new meeting point optimization tool

Published: April 24, 2020

By exchanging the planned route and schedule, officers and pilots on-board ships, can get accurate calculations of meeting points with and over-takings of and by other ships well in advance. Speed adjustments and in some cases route adjustments help make these meetings safer. At the same time, the ships can sail at a more even speed, thus saving fuel and reducing emissions

The first three pilots in the Stockholm archipelago are now operative and the rest will be equipped with updated Portable Pilot Units and trained before the end of May. The daily ferries to Finland will also have updated equipment and get training, meaning that all ships sailing to and from Stockholm will use the new optimization tool during their 4-5 hour passage in the narrow waters.

The tool will also be used in the Finnish archipelago for the approach to Turku and Naantali.

The pilot on-board ”Bit Oktania” shares the route and schedule, a red dotted line. In two months, all pilots and ferries in the area will share routes and schedules.

For more on the meeting optimization, please watch the project film!

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