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MONALISA 2.0 – a flagship in the Baltic

MONALISA 2.0 – a flagship in the Baltic

Published: June 14, 2014

EUSBSR flagship

The Steering Committee of the Priority Area on Maritime Safety and Security (PA SAFE) within EUSBSR met in Helsinki in June and confirmed the flagship project status of MONALISA 2.0. Bjarke W. Bötcher, Danish Maritime Authority and Sanna Sonninen, Finnish Transport Safety Agency, the Priority Area Coordinators congratulated the MONALISA projects for the results achieved. Having successful and visible projects is one thing that makes this Priority Area considered well-functioning according to the European Commission.

PA Safe Ice Tank

Aalto University Ice Tank – the coolest place in Helsinki


ENSI, a Finnish project working with sending routes ship to shore to VTS centres, presented their results and plans. They have currently the test bed with the largest number of vessels transmitting routes to shore. The experiences will be valuable for developing procedures on board and on shore. ENSI fits as a building block of Sea Traffic Management and there is ongoing co-ordination.

Isto Mattila, from the EU Commission and DG MARE, talked about the Common Information Sharing Environment, CISE. The vision is very similar to the SWIM-concept in Sea Traffic Management. Mr. Mattila believes that the authorities should only create the open network and push for open standards and then let the industry and other relevant parties set the actual detailed standards. This matches the strategies of MONALISA 2.0.

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