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MONALISA 2.0 – Short introduction

MONALISA 2.0 – Short introduction

Published: December 13, 2013

Improving Safety, Environment and Efficiency


The maritime world has not taken full advantage of the new Information and Communication Technology (ICT) that has helped other industries to become safer and more efficient. MONALISA 2.0 is large piece of the puzzle exploring ICT in the whole maritime transport chain.

Sea Traffic Management (STM)
STM is the idea of sharing and making use of all data in the maritime space in real time. Some examples are that ships get better anti-collision aid, emissions are reduced through optimised routes, ports can become just-in-time operations. The administrative burden is reduced on-board and for many parties on shore. Environmental aspects are central, safety is enhanced in many aspects, and the efficiency in the whole maritime transport chain can be improved.

Safer ships and operations
ICT can also be directly applied on board ships. Tools and procedures from other industries will be tested on board vessels in order to reduce the number of work related accidents to zero. Indoor positioning can save lives in case of accidents; people can be evacuated before carbon dioxid based fire extinguishing, and evacuation of cargo and passenger vessels can be optimised. New technology will also be applied to shore based activities like Search and Rescue(SAR), risk assessment and management, training and handling people in mass evacuation situations.

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