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New procurement (2.0) for STM Ship Systems

New procurement (2.0) for STM Ship Systems

Published: December 14, 2016

During 2016, STM assigned three leading ECDIS suppliers to provide 225 STM-compatible onboard systems. The goal of the project is to validate the services on 300 ships, hence 300 systems are preferable and therefore a new procurement has been opened. Apart from reaching the desired number of ships and systems, the goal of the 2.0 procurement is to get one more ECDIS manufacturer onboard to further test the interoperability between various systems and providers.

Håkan Heurlin at Swedish Maritime Administration was involved in the first procurement process and will also be running the second procurement.

Why are you doing another procurement?
Today we have three ECDIS suppliers, Transas, Wärtsilä SAM Electronics and Adveto. To be able, hopefully, to reach our goal of having 300 ships in the test bed, which will commence in summer 2017, we took the decision to make one more procurement. We welcome all manufacturers who are able to produce an approved ECDIS system to submit a tender and participate in the procurement. We have released all details and specifications regarding the procurement online so that any approved ECDIS supplier interested can take part. (The specifications are available at Tendsign after creating an account in the system). Find the specifications at Tendsign here

What is important for STM in this procurement?
It is important for us to have as many ECDIS suppliers as possible providing systems to the 300 ships. This is a way to further prove that STM creates interoperability among various manufacturers, which is a key factor for the success in global dissemination of the concept.

What do you hope this procurement will result in?
I hope the procurement 2.0 will result in one more supplier and hopefully that we will reach the project goal of 300 ships.

What is the deadline for the procurement?
The ECDIS manufacturers have to submit a tender before 9 January 2017 in Tendsign and contract signing will take place on 31 January 2017. One ECDIS supplier will be the winner of the procurement.

For more information contact Håkan Heurlin at the Swedish Maritime Administration hakan.heurlin[a]
You find the procurement details here.

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