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Norwegian Ship Owner: We share, WE win

Norwegian Ship Owner: We share, WE win

Published: April 21, 2016

It is always good to know, that someone else shares your thoughts, ideas, values or point of view or simply sees the things as you do. Any work within innovation and development is more meaningful if it gets support from the business it is in the service of.

Please take a while to watch and listen to Lasse Kristoffersen, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Torvald Klaveness Group, one of the Norway’s leading shipowners within the bulk sector, about the company’s plans on how to change the way of making business. From “You share, YOU lose” to “We share, WE win”. Sounds familiar?

It seems to be logical and practical continuation of MONALISA 2.0’s motto “from need to know, to need to share”. The STM Validation Project develops the infrastructure and tools the shipping industry needs.

We are on the right way!

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