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STM – a paradigm shift at Swedish Maritime Day

STM – a paradigm shift at Swedish Maritime Day

Published: April 08, 2014

Almost 600 people from the whole Swedish maritime sector were present in Gothenburg.

Ulf Siwe presented Sea Traffic Management (STM) as a paradigm shift for the industry: “It was interesting to talk about the information sharing in a System Wide Information Management (SWIM,) and see how other delegates got new ideas. Doctors certifying mariners, engineers building ramps for ships and ports, researcher on energy efficiency; all were inspired by the possibilities given by a common SWIM, in a maritime cloud.”

Fredrik Karlsson built the MONALISA stand, impressive among its peers, displaying the concrete Route Exchange solution: “It is encouraging to see how students embrace the possibilities brought by new technology. Making the maritime sector more attractive to a new generation is one of the goals of STM.”

ML2 stand at SMD

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