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STM BALT SAFE achieving good results in difficult times

STM BALT SAFE Interreg baltic sea region

STM BALT SAFE achieving good results in difficult times

Published: December 31, 2021

At the final conference of the Interreg BSR financed project, the audience were delighted with the results, especially with the pandemic effects in mind. Here are a few examples:

* Route sharing being installed and used in the VTS centres in Estonia and Finland, and cooperating with STM-compatible VTS centres in Norway and Russia to collect even more data.

* Establishing an operational maritime digital infrastructure with global reach.

* Developing a new data standard for reporting to mandatory ship reporting systems, getting it approved by the IMO Expert Group on Data Harmonization and having it being included in the IMO Data Reference Model.

The conference on December 16 2021 had an audience of almost 100 people from 23 countries. 21 of the participants gathered in real life in Stockholm

Presentation slides from the conference


Recording of the conference – review or share with a colleague

Video time
Welcome Ulf Siwe 0.00
VTS results Mikko Klang & Joakim Lundman 9.00
Ship reporting & VDES Jarle Hauge 33.24
Standards and technology Per Löfbom 57.50
Summary and recommendations Ulf Siwe 1.25.15

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