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WE are STM – A pod casting 5 different views

WE are STM – A pod casting 5 different views

Published: December 20, 2017

We gathered five project members from five different parts of the project and recorded their discussion. If you are a pod pro, you know what to do! If you are a pod beginner we can't recommend a better start of your "career" - just click on Play.

Lucia Calabria Tasa comes from Fundacion Valenciaport and the Analysis and Evaluation part of the project.
Cilli Sobiech represents RISE and OFFIS and the Digital Infrastructure side of STM.
Cajsa Jersler Fransson, Swedish Maritime Administration (SMA), works with Voyage Management.
Emelie Persson Tingström, from SMA, is Communications Officer for STM Validation.
Sandra Haraldson of RISE Viktoria is coming from the Port Collaborative Decision Making part.

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