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We are STM – Núria Alonso, R&D Projects, Fundación Valenciaport

We are STM – Núria Alonso, R&D Projects, Fundación Valenciaport

Published: March 19, 2018

“I help proving the monetary benefits of STM! To part of a competent and knowledgeable team doing this analysis is very rewarding”


So who are you Núria?

I am a Civil Engineer specialized in Transportation and Ports. I have been with the Valencia Port Foundation for the last 2½ years. And I am also a quite able clarinetist.

What do you do in STM?

I am the numbers person. I gather the data on ships and their voyages. I have been assisting in selecting some of the use cases where we dig into all the details of an individual shipping service and observe how they operate today, what can be theoretically achieved with STM at its fullest, and what can be realized during the STM Validation project.

This sounds like music to my ears. Any key success factors in your work?

I would say the team I work with, especially Jorge Lara and Lucía Calabria. Since I am working the numbers, I rely fully on them to bring the business understanding of ships, ports and shipping, as well as all aspects of the STM concept itself. From my work I know how much predictable Just-in-time arrivals, or rather Optimal arrivals, would save for all actors involved and in the end giving us consumers benefits.

What has been the most fun?

The fact that I learn something new every day at work keeps me motivated. The days when I myself have contributed to the team and STM are truly satisfying.

And on that high note we finish this We are STM-interview where we let you met the people behind the scenes, that not always take centre stage.

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