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STM at the heart of EU – MoS Forum

STM at the heart of EU – MoS Forum

Published: June 01, 2016

Sea Traffic Management presented at the third Motorways of the Sea (MoS) Forum that was Held at the EU premises in Brussels. The event gathered more than 60 invited people, that met to discuss Safety and the Human Element. The meeting concluded the series of MoS Fora dedicated to the MoS priorities and gave important contributions for the development of the Deep Implementation Plan, (DIP) that will be presented to the EU Parliament on the 15th of June.

Sea Traffic Management (STM) is an important piece of the Safety and Logistics puzzle, assisting ships with services providing an improved situational awareness and lowering the administrative burden. STM will be a big part of the DIP.

ESPO, the European Sea Port Organisation, emphasised that digitisation as the main key to more efficient maritime logistics, at sea, in ports and in the hinterland. ECSA, the European Community Shipowners’ Association, drove home the message of the paper overload when calling European ports (and worldwide too).

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