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STM nominated to the SMART4SEA e-Navigation award

STM nominated to the SMART4SEA e-Navigation award

Published: November 14, 2017

Port Collaborative Decision Making, PortCDM, a concept within STM, is nominated for optimizing the planning process for ports by communicating with the vessel involved, hinterland actors and other ports. This enables all parties to perform transparent and just-in-time operations, reduce waiting time and utilize assets better.

The prize is decided by public voting so please take a minute and vote for STM at

Ports are the key point in the maritime transport chain. PortCDM makes the planning process for port call transparent for the involved actors on a level that does not reveal any business specific information. Based on time stamps, empowered by the international PortCDM council, for the starting and finishing time of all services and locations changes in the port, it will be possible to reduce much of the 25% waste time in today’s port calls. PortCDM is not just optimizing the port process but communicates with the vessel involved, with the hinterland operators and with other ports involved with the same vessel.

This enables all actors to perform operations just-in-time, waiting times are reduced and all assets can be utilized to desired levels. Unwanted anchoring could be a thing of the past and instead ships would reduce speed and save fuel and emissions would decrease radically. Marine Traffic estimates that 13% of worldwide shipping fuel consumption would be saved by introducing just-in-time arrivals. And the goods owners would get the predictability they are looking for.

PortCDM does not force port actors to change systems. Instead the existing systems are connected to a standardized open infrastructure. And those having no system today are assisted by applications provided on mobile and web based platforms.

Within the STM validation project, the PortCDM concept is validated in 13 ports in Europe. Preliminary validation results shows enhanced predictability and reduced total turn around times.

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